When my thoughts run away they run right back to you
Even though it's useless my heart tells my mind what to do
Hard as my mind fights I can't seem to win the battle
You are all I see when my thoughts run away only you matter
My thoughts ran away many years ago you see
Never have they changed for it's always you and me
Sweet words of love, a tender touch and loving smile
Caresses so tender for you I would walk the extra mile
Two lonely souls searching for some comfort and love
We came upon each other in the whispers of the wind
Two of a kind you and I but we never seem to win in love
Something stands between us but still my thoughts run
Always back to you Sweetheart no matter the circumstances
I guess my heart won't listen to my mind when it comes to romances
But when the day comes when my thoughts no longer run your way
My love for you will be engraved in stone and forever it will stay

************************************************** **
To an Absent Lover

That so much change should come when thou dost go,

Is mystery that I cannot ravel quite.

The very house seems dark as when the light

Of lamps goes out. Each wonted thing doth grow

So altered, that I wander to and fro

Bewildered by the most familiar sight,

And feel like one who rouses in the night

From dream of ecstasy, and cannot know

At first if he be sleeping or awake.

My foolish heart so foolish for thy sake

Hath grown, dear one!

Teach me to be more wise.

I blush for all my foolishness doth lack;

I fear to seem a coward in thine eyes.

Teach me, dear one,but first thou must come back!

************************************************** *********


I know that I almost missed my chance
The day I almost didnt ask you to dance
I think back to that day the we first met
And know in my heart that I have no regrets
You walked in the room my heart skipped a beat
One look at you knocked me off my feet
I watched you as you crossed the room
I wanted to dance but dared not assume
Someone like you would be here alone
So I didnt move just sat like stone
Trying to muster the courage to ask for a dance
If I didnt act soon I would miss my chance
I made my way through the crowded place
The closer I got the more my heart raced
You looked up to me with your beautiful smile
And I knew the trip over was worthwhile
I asked you to dance and held out my hand
The waiting for you was all I could stand
But to my relief you didnt say no
And at that moment the music was slow
I pulled you close and we started to turn
The touch of your skin made my flesh burn
As I look back to that fateful day
I remember the song as it started to play
I hum the words to it in my head
I know that our meeting hung on thread
If I had never asked you to dance
I know I would have missed my chance

************************************************** *****

Peace of mind

standing in the dark
thinking of many things
but nothing in specific
you ... me ... love ...
remembering things
ohh i remember so many things
i remember to smile as a kid
i still remember you
the smile on your face
the twinkle of your eyes
the warmth of your breath on my cheek
when we kiss and you whisper in my ear
the tenderness of your lips
the way we used to sit in the dark
just holding hands
i never said i loved you
but you knew
and i knew you loved me
when you first touched my surface
when my body held your body
and we went to sleep
i wish we never drove a part
i wish we're still a sleep